Judge, 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

Turnstiles is a character-driven novel featuring three main characters and their own personal journeys. The novel presents with a simple train tracks type picture. It is really more symbolic of the paths in life than it is really visually appealing.

But the story itself is very enjoyable. I am a little concerned about the pacing issues. It reads a little slow and long in places. My recommendation would be a professional developmental edit which could help with the narrative prose bog downs.

The plot is a little weak in parts, but the characters are well developed and ultimately make for an enjoyable read. The author has a great voice and there were times when I found myself lost in the storytelling. Nice job there.

I think that the author has a real message here I only hope it doesn’t get lost in the mix.

On the technical side, things are mostly well done. No huge editorial issues. Just some minor punctuation problems, incorrect dialogue tags, and overuse of adverbs. These could be easily cleaned up on a quick re-edit.

The novel is a nice production and an entertaining entry. Thank you for sharing your characters and their world with us.

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